Tuesday, August 14, 2007

First Day of "School" 2007

August 14, 2007, 23 months old
August 16, 2006 11 months old

John David started back to "school" today. Our baby is growing up! He went for the first day of his second year of Mother's Morning Out (or "school" as he calls it) and loved it! He's in the 1-year old class again because of his birthday which falls 2 days past the cutoff, but his buds from church are in the class so it will be fun for him. It's the same classroom he had last year and it's also the same room he goes to for nursery at our church. He walked in like he owned the place and then waved good-bye when it was time for me to leave. He seemed happy when I picked him up, so it was a good first day all around. It's amazing what a difference a year makes...last year when he started he was 2 weeks shy of being a year old and couldn't walk or talk. Today he ran down the hallway when I picked him up and tonight he was actually able to tell me about his day. It's so funny to sometimes what he remembers from situations. As I was putting him to sleep I asked him about his day at school and this is how the conversation went:
Me: What did you do at school today?
JD: Cooper cried.
Me: Cooper cried? Why?
JD: Cooper wanted sit in chair. Mrs. Caudle said nope (with much inflection), time go night-night (in likely the same sing-song voice as she had said it).
Me: Oh, it was naptime and he wanted to sit in a chair but Mrs. Caudle said no.
JD: Yep.
Me: Did you color at school today?
JD: No. They don't have crayons there. (Which actually is something he is remembering from Sunday. He wanted to do something in the nursery besides just play with the toys so I said maybe he could color. When we got to the nursery he asked to color and the nursery worker told him that they aren't allowed to have crayons in the nursery since children sometime eat them instead of just color with them. Wonder what he's gonna say when his teacher pulls out the crayons for their first craft time at MMO?!)
Anyway, I just can't believe what a difference there is from last year to this year! I won't even type the cliche that would fit perfectly here...you know what I'm thinking!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Beach Trip in July

We went to the beach with my family, minus Lara and Lexi, July 14 - 20. It was so nice to be away and to be with family. John David loved being with his older cousins and as always, learned some new tricks. Austin is 7 years old and is at the stage where he thinks bodily functions with noises are just hilarious. He's not an annoying kid, thank goodness! But he did enjoy trying to make noises by sticking his hand in his armpit and cranking his arm down. That's the newest trick that John David picked up. He now says "Watch me. I do like Austin." and proceeds to try to get his little hand into his shirt and onto his armpit. It was fun watching Aiden try to play with John David. Aiden makes up the rules to any game that he is playing, even those games with rules that have been established well before he was even a twinkle in his mother's eye. John David was really agreeable to whatever rules Aiden explained. Keeping in mind that John David is not yet 2 years old and Aiden was 4 in March, you can imagine how funny it was to watch them try to play Battleship or Checkers or Golf all according to Aiden's rules. You have to be on your toes to keep up when you play with Aiden since the rules often change if he is not winning!
John David watching a "moo-sie" with Austin and Aiden

Austin tried to master the art of the skimmer board and I honestly don't see how the boy could move a single muscle the day after he first discovered it. He fell down and got back up 500 times if he did it once. He was so determined! He is a great big brother and a great big cousin and such a sweet kid all around.

We missed Lexi and Lara but Lexi had dance camp that week and couldn't miss it if she wants to dance on the dance team this school year. She's 11 now which I just can't believe! This picture is from our time at the beach when she did go in February.
John David loved the water and was fearless when it came to going into the ocean. Thank goodness John loves the ocean too because I'm just down right afraid of it! Always have been! I don't like the seaweed or any of the fish that may be swimming around and I didn't trust myself holding John David with the strength of the waves. I did get in the water with them, but basically left them to bond by spending time jumping the waves.

It rained at home almost the whole week so when we got home, there was an eggplant in my little "garden" that was ripe and ready to be picked! I cooked it for supper and it was as delicious as it was pretty.
(The cucumber is also from the "garden" and the salt shaker is their for size comparison sake!)