Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Our Little Sport

John David loves life. He is such a happy baby and he is very content much of the time. His latest showing of his love for something is to squeal with his eyes squinted. I caught him doing this while he was playing with a volleyball the other day. He would get the ball, throw it, squeal and then crawl towards it to do it all over again. It's amazing to me that we never had to show him what to do with a ball. He got a ball from the Easter Bunny (one of the $1.49 ones from Kroger/K-Mart/Walmart, etc.) and immediately knew to throw it. And that was when he was just 7 months old.

He loves to hang from the bar on his play set out back. Of course he can't yet hold himself on it, but loves for John or me to let him hang from it and then swing as if he were a gymnast in training.

On a recent shopping trip to IKEA, we discoverd his love for tunnels. They had one on display and he must've crawled through it 10 times. They were out of ones to purchase, but I found one about a week later at Target. It's in our playroom now and he loves to be chased in or out of it.

Whether he is throwing balls, hanging from the swing set, or crawling through tunnels, our little sport is always on the go!

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