Friday, October 06, 2006

Grateful Friday

There is a blog that I love to read and I don't even know the author personally. But I love the way she writes and what she writes about. Every Friday she posts a blog entry entitled "Grateful Friday". (There is a link to her blog on the left of this page - Four Sweet Peas.)I think it's a great idea to list the things for which you are grateful. So I'm going to attempt to post a "Grateful Friday" blog on Fridays. Here are the things for which I am especially grateful...

1. John and his unconditional goodness.
2. John David's health, growing cuirosity and budding personality.
3. My Mother-in-law for offering to keep John David overnight for us.
4. My Mother for offering to keep John David while John and I attend a couple's Bible study.
5. Old friends.
6. New friends.
7. Good things happening to former co-workers (one got married, several are dating seriously, and one is pregnant after a long wait).
8. Cooler weather.
9. Going for walks in cooler weather.
10. Tennis.
11. Bloggers whose posts challenge me to be more positive and challenge me to be a better person.
12. Jesus' unconditional love for me.


Heather said...

Hi there, I thought I'd pop on over here and check your blog out after seeing your site name on my blog a couple of times. I'm so glad you decided to do grateful friday, I love your list, thank GOd for great mother-in-laws who can babysit!! You have a wonderful little family, hope the rest of your weekend is super.

Anonymous said...

You are such a blessing.
Love, the mother-in-law
(You know I love to keep John David. :>) )