Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy 60th Dad!

Tuesday is a very special day in our Dad will turn 60! Saturday night we had a surprise birthday party for him and I think he really was surprised! My dad is a very sharp man and you don't get much past him. But this time I think we had him going until he walked in to the room where 65 of his friends and family members were waiting to yell SURPRISE!!!! We held the party at his golf club and it all worked out just perfectly. The music was great, the dancing was fun, the food was delicious and we all had a ball!

My dad has always played a very special role in my life. I am grateful to God for blessing me with such a great family and for choosing my dad to be my dad. I would be a very different person today if it weren't for his love, leadership, discipline, and commitment to our family. It makes me so proud to meet so many people who have so much respect for him. I love you Dad!

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