Saturday, June 07, 2008

Summer Fun

We've been having so much fun this summer that I've made very little time to blog. But here's a very long, very overdue update with LOTS of pictures!

We went strawberry picking with Debbie
And with Grandma...

And now we're sad that the season is over! I didn't even get that last 2 gallons that I had planned to freeze for "milkshakes".
We planted a garden...

And we are watching it grow!

We baked our first loaf of homemade "WHO" bread from this recipe...

And enjoyed the bread immensely! I moved to the computer to check something after I got John David started with a piece of the freshly baked bread only to look over and find him sampling the whole loaf! We have since tried the "acoustic"version of the recipe, without the bread machine and I much prefer both the shape and texture of bread made by hand. I'm having fun experimenting with different organic flours that I've found at the new health food store by us - so excited to have this new store less than 5 miles from our home!

We've also been to the pool, to our local library and to the Jimmy Carter Library for a pre-school "story time and garden safari/scavenger hunt". The last sounded like so much fun from the description in the paper but was a huge disappointment. It was a fun outing at any rate since we were with my Aunt Cheryl and her 4 grandsons. We had a great time with them at the library and at a park afterwards.

In addition to fun times going places and doing projects, we've had a lot of fun just being at home. The other night after dinner John David was playing with all of his Fisher Price Little People as he does quite often. He insisted that he put all of them to bed before heading upstairs for his own bath and bedtime. I agreed to let him do that and went about my business, cleaning up the supper dishes. I just couldn't resist capturing the following for you:

Notice how all of them are lying face down...

And the animals are sleeping "out in the pasture", except for the dog, who's keeping a watch out while everyone else sleeps.
At the last moment he grabbed the rocket ship and placed it carefully near the fire station..."in case they need to escape during the night". I just love watching his little imagination blossom!

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

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Melissa said...

We have those same pajamas! Cute!