Monday, December 15, 2008

8 Things

I have been in serious need of updating this blog. I wasn't even sure about publishing the last post and now it's been on there WAYYYY too long. Just out there. Hanging. But I have been super busy lately and even though I should be doing things like wrapping Christmas presents and laundry, I'm going to take a few minutes and publish a new post. There is a lot to catch you up on, but that will have to wait. Well, actually, I'll use the following to give you one big update on our lives, in case you haven't heard.

8 Things

I was tagged by Ami, a former co-worker at MTW, several weeks ago...and I'm just now getting around to posting my goes!

8 TV shows I love to watch
1. The Office
2. Biggest Loser
3. Law and Order
4. Design on a Dime
5. Ready to Sell
6. The Today Show
7. Deserving Design
8. Extreme Makeover Home Edition

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Salt Water Grill (Panama City Beach, FL)
2. Athens Pizza Kouzzina
3. Cafe Istanbul
4. El Malecon (Dominican Restaurant in New York City)
5. The Flying Biscuit
6. Another Broken Egg (Tallahassee and Panama City, FL)
7. Phuket (not sure if it's still open)
8. Journey's End

8 Things that Happened Today (I'll do yesterday since my neighbor stopped by this a.m. and even though it is 1:30 p.m., nothing much has happened)
1. Had the opportunity to go grocery shopping without John David
2. Had the oppportunity to go Christmas shopping at Discover Mills sans John David
3. Attended the annual homeowner's meeting for the condo we own in Buckhead
4. Was "color-matched" at Bare Essentials, only to find out I don't really like the way the make-up does on my skin...scratch that off my Christmas/birthay list
5. Went to Toys r' Us in Buckhead
6. Filled my car up with gas (in Buckhead and it was .30 more/gallon than in Grayson)
7. Talked to my friend, Karen, on the phone
8. Put John David to bed

8 Things I Look Forward To
1. The expected arrival of our little one around the end of May/first of it is, the "big" update for you. I'm 15 weeks and feeling great.
2. Getting our defunct tenant out of our rental house
3. Getting our rental house rented again (know anyone who wants to rent a house in Grayson?)
4. John David's first Christmas performance Tuesday night
5. Getting bookshelves for our bonus room
6. Getting our bonus room organized after getting said shelves
7. Decorating the nursury after we find out the sex of the baby in January
8. Learning how to day.

8 Things On My Wish List
1. Bookshelves for the bonus room
2. Traveling back to day
3. Being out of debt
4. A dining room table
5. A community of friends
6. A maid
7. A personal organizer (a real, live person not a notebook)
8. A lawn service for John (just to free up some of his time)

8 People I Have Tagged, please feel no obligation.
1. Denise
2. Heather
3. Heather
4. Candice
5. Melissa
6. Bobbi Jo
7. Diane
8. ?????

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