Tuesday, August 15, 2006

John David's First Day of "School"

Today was John David's first day of school...well, it's really just a Mother's Morning Out program two days a week, but it is part of the Pre-school at our church so we're calling it school for him. He did great. When we first arrived, the other little boy in his class had been crying for 30 minutes, ever since his mother left. John David kept looking at him and holding on tighter to me. But after a few minutes we all got down on the floor and got the boys interested in some blocks and the crying stopped. I blew kisses to John David and left the room and he never shed a tear.

When I picked him up, he was just as happy as ever. His teacher said he did great except for nap time. John and I have been curious about how that was going to work. John David has never been a real easy sleeper. At home it takes a rocking chair, room darkening curtains and a sound machine to bring on sleep. So when they put him on his nap mat today, she said he got up and headed straight for the toys. We can't imagine that he will ever lay still on a mat in the middle of the floor and fall asleep, but we will see!

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