Monday, August 07, 2006

Three Generations of Friends

When I was little, we lived in a neighborhood full of kids. To this day we are still friends with many of the families we knew from that neighborhood. It has been so fun to gather over the years from time to time to see how everyone has grown and to catch up on life. Last Friday was one of those times. Kim and Kim lived one street over from me in the "old neighborhood" as we call it now. It was always a treat to get to play with them because they were a couple of years older than me and had what I thought were the coolest toys. The one I envied was a Cher barbie doll with long hair. Funny what we remember from our childhood! Anyway, we are all grown up now and have children of our own. One of the Kims now lives in New Jersey, so we took the opportunity while she was in town to get together for a play date. John David loved meeting Aaron, Eliza, Katherine, Logan and Ryan. All of the grandmas were there and enjoyed adoring each other's grandkids. And just like old times, it was a treat to be with Kim and Kim again!

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