Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Christmas Continues in January

Since the holidays get so busy, Kimberly, Meredith and I decided that this year we would get together in January, long after the hustle and bustle of Christmas was gone. So the weekend of January 26 - 28 was our time to visit and exchange Christmas presents with one another. We had fun hanging out together with our babes - Meredith and baby Nolan (12 weeks old at the time), Kimberly and Harrison (9 months old) and me with John David (16 months old). We took them to Walmart to have their pictures made together and they turned out really cute. I'll try to scan and post one of the pictures soon. Cole is missing from our pictures. He's Meredith's 4 year old who stayed at home with daddy for the weekend. John David was facinated with the "babies" and said the word for the first time Thursday night before their arrival. He is still asking about them, now 4 weeks after they were here. I guess they made quite an impression on him! We all hope that our boys grow up to know each other so I'm sure we'll have many more weekend visits with them. In addition to the "professional" pictures we had made (I have to laugh since we had them made at Walmart and it was hardly a professional experience!), we took several other snapshots that I'll share two here.

Sumo Baby Nolan weighing in at 16 pounds at his 12 week Dr.'s visit! Such a sweet and happy baby!

The Swimmy Heads - John David and Harrison had fun posing in their swim diaper hats! They will probably hate us for this one in a couple of years!

It was a fun weekend and great to be with my two dear friends!

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