Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What we've been up to

Lately we have...

Painted a bird house for the birds to use instead of our gas grill, which the poor mama bird, year after year, thinks is the perfect place for her nest. There are two small cream colored eggs with brown speckles on them, so we'll see if she is successful this year in hatching two little ones. Unfortunately, I know this because I lifted the lid to the grill and found them there. Hopefully I haven't disrupted things too much and she will indeed return to take care of her responsibilities. We'll see!

Picked fresh strawberries and eaten said strawberries. We passed the strawberry fields on Saturday and saw people picking, so on the way back from my friend's Thirty-One Party, John David and I stopped by and picked a half-gallon. It's only 5 minutes from our house so I plan to make this a frequent event for the two of us. And at the rate that the three of us (John joined in for the eatin') devoured the half-gallon, we'll need to go back weekly! Any of you city folks who'd like to join me on one of my weekly trips to the strawberry fields, let me know! We would love the company. I didn't have my camera with me since we hadn't planned on picking strawberries that day. But the stain on John David's chin and shirt and arms was still there when we got home so I snapped a few pics for the memories.

We had lunch with an old friend today and her new addition, Mercer. Candice and her husband, Todd, brought little M home and into their hearts in March. Well, he actually had their hearts at their first meeting in February, when he was just hours old, but they had to spend a little time in Colorado while the paperwork was filled out. They got to bring him home to Georgia when he was just over a week old. He is absolutely scrumptious!
John David (and I) painted a little "Welcome" card/sign for Mercer. It was complete with fire trucks (both green and red), ambulances (blue and green), a fire hat and the sun. John David was sure Mercer would love it and said so as we left the house because in his world, who wouldn't love a picture of a fire truck and an ambulance and a fire hat? We got in our "fire truck" and he blared (his new word) the sirens until I had to ask him to quit. So that I could think.

We went to a little league game to watch our nephews, Michael and Malachi, play t-ball. This was their last game of the season and we could see a lot of improvement from the beginning of the season.

John David loves to cheer on his cousins, even though he doesn't quite get the game just yet. He and Kara are the twins' biggest fans.

We also moved John David to a toddler bed (thanks to Grandma) and those pictures are coming soon!

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Bobbi Jo Brooks said...

where can you pick strawberries? I would love to do that